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I’m Nadine, a business and commercial lifestyle photographer based in Richmond, Surrey.

Originally from Berlin, I moved to London in 2008. I spent many years in the corporate world before making the switch to photography for small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurs.

I live my life with passion every day, but the creative process of photography is what excites me the most. It’s an opportunity for me to enjoy my art while getting to know the people behind the brands and businesses I work with.

No two shoots are the same. By developing a strong rapport with you and your people, I learn what makes your brand unique, and what makes you so good at what you do. By getting to know you like this, I create a professional environment where we work together to bring your vision to life.

This is a place to celebrate the art of what you do!
Your passions. Your values and vision. Your products and your brand.



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    Nadine Brandt Photography, Business Branding Photography London, Richmond Photographer, Commercial Photographer London

    I have worked with Nadine three times now – her professionalism, personality and especially her photos are all 5 stars!

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