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Self-Portrait Photography by Nadine Brandt, Commercial Photographer Surrey & London, taken in Putney at a client personal branding shoot
Women studying on blue sofa in her home - branding image taken by Nadine Brandt Photography, commercial and branding photographer London and Surrey.

“Nadine is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with. Her outstanding professionalism and attention to detail, reflect in her remarkable work. 

She offers an acute understanding of brands, brand-building and her art direction skills are value added, beyond cost.

I would highly recommend her, as it was a joy to work with a professional who is so meticulous in planning ahead and garnering great results.”

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Meet Katha from KATHAcovers

Meet Katha from KATHAcovers

KATHAcovers #dreamstrong Sustainable Kids Bed Linen and Pyjamas from Berlin  "There is always a solution - always!."KATHAcovers let's ducks dance, instruments fly and sends rockets into space, all on 100% organic cotton and manufactured under fair conditions in...

Earth’s Corona Cure

Earth’s Corona Cure

Earth's Corona Cure Film editor and writer, Sasha Zik about her poem & film: "Earth's Corona Cure"    It was early June 2020 when Sasha contacted me about a project that she has been working on for some time. A poem to be evolved into a film: "Earth's Corona...

Meet Nathalie from NRG barrebody

Meet Nathalie from NRG barrebody

Nathalie Errandonea-Mewes Barre instructor and founder of NRG barrebody, London  "Movement and dance are both a lifelong passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else."Nathalie founded NRG barrebody almost 5 years ago. 5 years of hard work and connections...

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