Sustainable Kids Bed Linen and Pyjamas from Berlin


There is always a solution – always!.”

KATHAcovers let’s ducks dance, instruments fly and sends rockets into space, all on 100% organic cotton and manufactured under fair conditions in Europe.

The business is based in Berlin, Germany and bursts with creativity, inspiration and quality! The brand’s designs are illustrated by them.  It’s the type of product and beautiful attention to detail that makes you want to read the entire text on the back of the bed linen package! It takes your child (and yourself) into a world of super dreamers and “the fabric for these dreams – soft and wild, KATHA covers weaves for every child.

Katha is the talented woman behind the brand and a source of inspiration. A role model for every business owner. 

Katha found me on Instagram in early 2020 in the first lockdown of the pandemic.  After an initial conversation over the phone, we clicked straight away. The visual ideas for the brand’s product photography were bubbling up. We had to get started despite COVID rules stranding us to our homes, respectively. 

The brief was to create stylish and playful lifestyle product images for KathaCovers’ website, social media, newsletter, client communication and PR efforts. A few days later a big package arrived with gorgeous kids bed linen and pyjama products. What followed was the first of many in-home lifestyle shoots that I crafted for the band with the help of two keen models, who also fell in love with the product range and Katha herself!  

Since then we had the chance to meet in person a few times and used their headquarters in Berlin for new product campaigns photo shoots. Read more about Katha’s story below in her interview and get inspired.

Katha, tell me …

Did you have a dream job when you were a child?
I didn’t really have a dream job, but I always felt that I wanted to be independent. Probably because my grandmother and my mother set the example for me.
What was your calling to start your own business?
I quit a job of many years in which I no longer seemed to be able to develop, and that was practically the prerequisite for choosing the supposedly greatest challenge from the search for a new professional challenge, that of self-employment. To be precise, it went like this: my mother was looking for bed linen for an upcoming visit of my nieces and we both couldn’t believe how uncreative the market was. And so the idea was born to design my own prints.
How do you start your work day every morning?
I try to go running every other morning. Running really gives me a lot of energy to start the day vital and is the best way – for me – to clear my head. Afterwards, I take a shower, have a coffee and a juice and start the working day.
What is your favourite thing about the place you work?
Creativity & making kids smile.


Female business owner Katha covers portrait taken by Nadine Brandt Photography, Branding Photographer based in London, Richmond upon Thames.
Business Branding photos with kids models and female business owner KATHAcovers at a photo session with Nadine Brandt Photography.
Product Lifestyle Photo of Kids Bed linen brand Kathacovers photographed by Nadine Brandt Photography.
What is the hardest thing of being your own boss?
It’s really hard to allow yourself to be “temporarily” weak. By that I mean that when you are tired or overworked, just take a break and go for a walk or run errands. It took me some time to find my structure and also to allow myself days when I’m just not mentally up to it and then really do other, more practical things or just take breaks – but then also without a guilty conscience.
What does success mean to you? 
For me, it clearly means being able to live and do business with what you like to do, what fulfils you and makes you happy.
Whom do you admire or look up to?
I like people who are not only concerned about their own universe, but also keep an eye on society and its concerns. My mother always says:” If everyone helps someone/something, many are helped.” And I also believe that this is the key to a good and more sustainable coexistence.
What would you tell your younger self 15 years ago?
There is always a solution – always!