Nadine took the picture for our birth announcement card as well as a lot of lovely pictures of our other kids. You could tell that she has kids on her own, as she knows how to handle stubborn as well as shy kids. Nadine has a very good feeling of light and situations. The result were brilliant pictures of our kids in action! If we ever do pictures again, we will definitely ask Nadine. Can highly recommend her!


Nadine came over to our house for a photo shoot and managed to capture some brilliant moments of our little family- all in a very natural way. She was brilliant with my older one and kept her entertained and engaged during the shoot. We are very pleased with the result and do have some lovely pictures. The whole process from initial contact to receiving the final result was very professional. Can definitely recommend her.


Nadine’s photography style is simply lovely, with the creation of a comfortable environment leading to relaxed and naturalistic shots. She handled the children with complete ease (this is no mean feat). The end results have been delightful, and captured a wonderful moment in our family forever – thank you, Nadine!


Nadine has photographed some of our most special moment as a family and she always delivers beautifully. The most recent was my childrens’ birthday party. She does it in a very informal and natural way but always catching the most unique moments. Her pictures are the most natural I have ever seen and her sense of light and beauty is exceptional.

I am a big fan, Thank you Nadine.


Nadine is very passionate and also she has a special sensibility in her hands to capture really beautiful moments and feelings. She has something magical. I love her pictures.


Nadine is great! she is a very warm and gentle person who connected with both of my kids within minutes. My daughter absolutely adored her and was happy trough the whole shoot. Which isn’t always easy with a 3year old toddler. I would highly recommend her. Not only for a family shoot, but definitely for your companies profile/ look-book. She has done mine and I am very happy with the results. She has great ideas, she is straight to the point, gets to it and there is no fussing about. LOVE IT!


Nadine is just a great photographer! The light of her pictures is unique and she manages to capture all the details with great sweetness. We just had twins and wanted to capture this special moment of our lives and she did a great job. She was also brilliant with our eldest daughter (3yrs) and managed to keep her engaged throughout the photo shoot! I truly recommend her!


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